Everscape: The Wings of Embra – A Novel by Christopher Sergi


A sci-fi fantasy novel for young adults, and all those looking to escape!

Everscape is a science fiction fantasy set on another planet. It’s the story of young teen boy trapped in an inescapable predicament, only to be given an opportunity to escape and start anew. Embra is a world of extraordinary technology, wisdom, and fascinating mystery.

Packed with action, humour, vibrant characters, aliens, and robots. Everscape is a story about redemption, second chances, self-worth, exploration, friendships, and moving forward. Feel free to read Everscape Chapter 1 for free, check out a few fun and fantastic Everscape Blog Posts, or better yet, sign up for the Official Christopher Sergi Newsletter for exclusive content, from short stories, sneak peaks, and FREE giveaways.

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9999866-2-9
E-Book ISBN: 978-1-9999866-1-2
Hardback ISBN: 978-1-999866-5-0

Let’s go to Embra!

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How to Create a Fictional Planet Readers Will Believe

How to Create a Fictional Planet Readers Will Believe

In my novel Everscape, I needed the planet of Embra to feel real, vibrant, and fresh enough that it could stand apart from Earth and still be a place you would want to escape to. Here are my top ten tips for creating a fictional planet that feels real for the reader.

How to Write a Novel as a Kid

How to write a novel as a kid. So you’re young, you’ve got ideas on becoming a writer. Awesome. Let me help you prepare for your bright creative future!

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