Written Works

Adam and the Goat

Adam thinks he’s got it all, but when the girl of his dreams goes off with another guy, Adam ends his drunken evening with a greasy kebab, yet he’s left with the entire animal when Goat, a sentient farm animal with a grudge, waltzes into Adam’s life.

Adam and the Goat is a ridiculous buddy adventure novel with enough blood, foul-language, humour and heart to really show you the true appreciation of friendship and adventure!


Ethan Finch is an unhappy young man with a guilt he can’t let go of. His father is abusive, he has no friends and life doesn’t look promising. And now, Ethan is on the run from the police! What is a boy to do?

Just when all seems lost, Ethan is offered an opportunity from squat little old woman from the secret planet of Embra, where a new life of adventure awaits him.


Reynard seeks salvation, Seren seeks safety, Tallula seeks acceptance, and Boyce seeks perfection. Everyone beneath the dome of Bennevis desire something. But the city and dome encasing it are dying, and time is running thin.

A secret has escaped, the tides have turned and now a class war is imminent. The inhabitants of the dome have had enough of the decay. But will they get what they seek?