Everscape: The Wings of Embra

When Ethan Finch finds himself running from the law, a stranger from another planet offers him a chance at redemption. Until now, Ethan had very little in his miserable life. Taking with him nothing but dreams, he journeys to Embra, a secret and ancient world of opportunity, technology, and mystery.

Thrust into an academy for planetary exploration, Ethan’s life is seemingly heading where he wants it to. Friends, aliens, anti-gravity racing teams, and battles in virtual fighting arenas. But fun and games are fleeting when he faces impending exile, a government conspiracy, a killer robot, and a dying goddess. But worst of all, Ethan must unearth a haunting, deep-rooted regret. Can he climb for his future before his time is up, or will fate force him back down to Earth?

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Christopher sergi adam and the goat

Adam and the goat

Coldblooded murder, insane legends, and extreme botany were not common phrases in Adam’s somewhat limited vocabulary. Sure, he’s got a comfortable job, lives in the city, and has everything a twenty-something bachelor could ask for. But unknown to Adam – having ended a drunken night out, a greasy kebab in hand, and doubts about his platonic relationships – his late-night dinner harbours a twisted surprise.

Now supernaturally tethered to Goat, a quarrelsome sentient farm animal, Adam’s world is thrown into complete disarray, forcing them both down a chaotic path for survival, whilst questioning the very fabric of their existence.

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The Chocolate Prince

Young pastry chef, Cason Banks, has moved to London to start his career as a chocolatier for a renowned businessman and restauranteur. Social bubbles, crushes, and money are but a few of the luxuries (and issues) Cason must navigate in his delicious new life.

The Chocolate Prince is a work in progress. What was once a free online anthology, centered around different lives and smaller stories released weekly, will now be a full novel published in the foreseeable future.

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