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Adam and the Goat – A novel by Christopher Sergi & Alex Sergi

Coldblooded murder, insane legends and extreme botany were not common phrases in Adam’s somewhat limited vocabulary. Sure, he’s got a comfortable job, lives in the city, and has everything a twenty something bachelor could ask for. But unknown to Adam – having ended a drunken night out, a greasy kebab in hand and doubts about his platonic relationships – his late night dinner harbours a twisted surprise. 

Now supernaturally tethered to Goat, a quarrelsome sentient farm animal, Adam’s world is thrown into complete disarray, forcing them both down a chaotic path for survival, whilst questioning the very fabric of their existence.

Published: 13 March 2019
Page Count: 349
Paperback ISBN: 978-1999986636
Kindle ISBN: 978-1-999986643

Everscape: The Wings of Embra – A Novel by Christopher Sergi

When Ethan Finch finds himself running from the law, a stranger from another planet offers him a chance of redemption. Until now, Ethan had very little in his miserable life. Taking with him nothing but dreams, he journeys to Embra, a secret and ancient world of opportunity, technology, and mystery.

Thrust into an academy for planetary exploration, Ethan’s life is seemingly heading where he wants it to. He makes friends, studies aliens, joins an anti-gravity racing team, and battles in a virtual fighting arena. But fun and games are fleeting when he faces impending exile, a government conspiracy, a killer robot, and a dying goddess. But worst of all, Ethan must unearth a deep-rooted regret that has forever haunted him. Can Ethan climb for his future before his time is up, or will fate force him back down to Earth?

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The Chocolate Prince– A Free Online Serial by Christopher Sergi

Having received a vast inheritance from his late grandfather, young pastry chef, Cason Banks, has moved to London to start his career as a chocolatier. Social bubbles, crushes, and money are but a few of the luxuries (and issues) he must navigate in his delicious new life.

‘As an author, I never thought I’d write an online serial. But here we are! The Chocolate Prince is my way to stay sharp and write something different. I basically wanted to fictionalise and bring to life my fantasy of moving to central London and building what Cason describes as an ‘Elite Social Circle’ where every corner and every encounter serves as an opportunity to progress one’s professional and societal reputation.’

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Alomanity – A Novel by Christopher Sergi (Coming Soon)

Reynard seeks salvation, Seren seeks safety, Tallula seeks acceptance, and Boyce seeks perfection. Everyone beneath the dome of Bennevis desire something. But the city and dome encasing it are dying, and time is running thin.

A secret has escaped, the tides have turned and now a class war is imminent. The inhabitants of the dome have had enough of the decay. But will they find what they seek?