how to be a vegan man in 2020
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How to be a Vegan Man in 2020

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t want to be labelled as a dreaded snowflake! Ah, that freaking word. It’s awkward, presumptuous and frankly, kinda irritating. But I hear you, you want to make a change. You’re looking to be a different kind of man. A Man of New, even?

But guys, you shouldn’t be worrying about what other people think of you, at least not in a negative sense. In this blog post I’m going to give you some inspirational and informed ideas on how you can be make a change in your life. It doesn’t even have to be a big change. And it should never mean giving up what you love. But even if there’s just a little something in your head questioning your choices, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get started.

Identify Why You Want to be a Vegan

A lot of people don’t like this word. VEGAN. Let’s face it, it’s everywhere now. I hear it from people in coffee shops, in stores and even on the street. In fact I was driving home the other day and saw a vegan KFC advert at a bus stop. But the word, it can sometimes sound militant. And it can sometimes put people off. And it might even put YOU off too.

So why you do you want to be a vegan in this new world of 2020 and beyond? Well, everyone has their reasons. For me, I remember stumbling onto PETA’s website only to find my head in the toilet after watching their exposé videos on factory farming. I went from a steak-loving teen to a well-informed man of new.

Some other reasons include: Getting healthy, challenging your morals, expressing your love for animals, willing to learn new things, lowering your carbon footprint or even learning a new topic. Whatever it may be, know what it’s for, and take the next steps as you mean to go on.

Vegan men are just as talented!

Trust Me, You Won’t Become a Snowflake

Sorry Pierce Morgan, but having a conscience and control over one’s integrity does not make a snowflake. I’ve grown to tolerate this word, the kind of word anointed to anyone who – in the eyes of the labeler – is someone who sees themselves as unique and delicate. Well first of all, you are unique, just as Pierce Morgan is uniquely irritating, and secondly, you are delicate, in a sense. However strong you are – mentally or physically – you have emotions and you feel things. Just like Pierce Morgan’s delicate instability over Greggs’s vegan sausage roll.

There is this misconception about veganism and masculinity. That by eating meat and wearing leather is somehow synonymous with strength and hetero-normality. Listen, you can still be a tough guy if you are one or want to be. You can still be the man you’ve always been, but instead you’re going to use your newfound knowledge of food and lifestyle in ways that open your eyes, mind and conscience. So trust me, worry not.

Don’t be Smug About it

If there’s anything that puts people off more than a vegan, it’s a self-righteous smug vegan. You know, the one’s that question your food choices, the one’s who manage to slide the topic into any conversation regardless of what anyone was talking about. And yes, that one who, despite their best efforts, will always tell you they’re a vegan.

Here’s the secret. There’s nothing more fascinating than a vegan who’s discovered accidentally.

What I mean by this is, allow people to discover your lifestyle through their observations of your day to day actions. All you have to do is show up for work, dress awesome, smell good, remain and engage in topical conversation, eat good food, and most important of all! do it all with a smile on that handsome face of yours.

Believe me, my friend. If you live a healthy positive lifestyle, regardless of your moral choices, people will gravitate towards you. They may even envy you, sure. But they’ll be curious about you. And eventually, once they’ve fallen for that handsome good-natured guy you are, then the fact you’re vegan won’t be such a shock to them.

Vegan men are just as tough!

Don’t be Perfect, Just Do

There’s no need right now to go and bin all your leather jackets. Mind you if you do I have great blog post here about some swanky alternatives. But seriously, a lifestyle transition like this does not have to be instant. Likewise don’t go emptying your fridge of meat and dairy just to be left with the odd carrot and bag of spinach. Unless of course you really want to.

For me I actually made the vegetarian transition in a night. Baring in mind that was just meat I rid my fridge of. I kept that massive delicious block of cheese though. And that’s the thing, veganism is harder than vegetarianism. You’re essentially cutting out a lot of what makes up a western diet. So just take your time. Go easy. It’s your life, man. Don’t make it uncomfortable. As long as you’ve got your goals, don’t stress. Be happy, damn it!

It Won’t Affect Your Male Health

If you’re concerns lie in the health areas, you won’t be alone. Many men, and women, think about protein deficiencies, B12 deficiencies, fatigue, muscle-loss, virility and all manner of crappy things that could affect your masculine health. And whilst many of these things are realities (accept for protein-deficiency, that’s just bollocks, sorry) they really don’t deserve your time.

You are a man, and you come with many in-built functions to ensure your temple is maintained. As long as you eat your fruits and veggies, exercise regularly and supplement accordingly, you’ll keep your health on track and your mind in the game. You’ve got this.

Vegan men are just as Inspiring!

You Don’t Have to be a Hippie

That’s right, you don’t have to change so much you’re no longer you. You’re a modern man, okay. There’s no reason to have your car crushed, your electricity cut off and your garden turned into an allotment. Veganism, if anything, is about progress. It’s not about being perfect or extreme, or at least it shouldn’t be.

Human beings are intelligent and creative and it would be a shame to take steps backwards for the sake of morals, that being said, one should – if they want to pursue veganism – retain their morals and simultaneously take forward steps. You can still have your nice car, you can still eat good food, you can still look super classy, you can still get girls or boys, you can still be attractive. As long as your actions make yourself, others your the environment happy, then have your vegan cake and eat it. Hey, that’s what is here for.

You’ve GOT THIS!

Gentlemen, I want you to forget your insecurities for a moment. Imagine you could live the life you’ve always wanted whilst helping those you truly care about. Forget what people may think about you. Forget how your masculinity will be challenged. Now know that reality of living carefree is possible.

There’s nothing stopping you living a healthy, positive and valuable lifestyle that’s impacting, inspiring and sustainable. All you have to do is trust yourself, enjoy your journey and remember there’s more too it than self-sacrifice. Vegan burgers are still bangin’.


Canada Goose Alternatives - Ethical Parkas for Men
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Canada Goose & Moncler Alternatives

Gentleman, there’s no denying the explosion and popularity of the parka in the last decade. It seems this technical garment is now a fashionisto’s must have, and big brands like Canada Goose and Moncler have really taken the industry by storm by incorporating technicality and luxury into this high end designer garment.

Their philosophy: “You will not be cold” works on so many levels, but couple this with celebrity & influencer endorsements and a proud exposure to the movie industry and these brands are making huge headlines. But let’s say you want to be a Man of New and retain your ethics, whilst ensuring you stay just as warm as the fat cats promise whilst looking stylish. Here are some incredible alternative parkas that will ensure you’re toasty and comfortable, won’t incinerate your wallet and keep you looking swish.

Ethical Vegan Parkas

Ethical parkas for vegans

Parka – Buffalo Systems

Buffalo are not only made in the UK, Sheffield to be precise, they are also free from animal products. Being based in the UK ensures Buffalo are able to keep on top of their production should they make any improvements to their garments.

With the Parka, the coat incorporates a synthetic design which creates a micro climate around the body, wicking away body moisture, evaporating it from the skin all whilst keeping moisture from the outside away from the inside. Ingenious, practical and at a great price. You may not get your fashion fix from this brand but you’ll certainly get your warmth in.

Photo is copyright of © Buffalo Systems Limited. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Men’s Nordic Parka – Hemp Tailor

If your partial to a little faux fur then Hemp Tailor is the brand for you. Many of their designs incorporate a realistic faux fur trim on the hood for that extra warmth factor. Hemp Tailor also pioneer, you guessed it, hemp! A strong, positive material that enriches the ground in which it’s grown, whilst providing breathable and durable wear to your garment. They are also free from chemicals, toxins and pesticides which is great of you have sensitive skin.

With the Nordic Parka, the coat has undergone a Hemp cellulose waterproof coating to ensure moisture stays out. Another win for a non chemical consumer. This is certainly a brand to invest in if you’re looking for something fashionable, technical and practical.

Photo is copyright of © Hemp Tailor. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Vegan parkas for men

Eskimo Parka – Parka London

Another great option if you want the traditional fur look that goes the extra mile to mimic the real thing, especially with the iconic Eskimo silhouette. With Primaloft insulation – an American synthetic invention developed for the US army – you can be guaranteed a warm wear when donning this piece. This is great if you’re doing anything that might be wet. Where natural down can be heavy and unresistant to water, Primaloft is lightweight and retains body warmth very effectively.

The Eskimo Parka is a great option if you want that combination of fashion and practicality. A parka’s job is to keep you warm, and the Eskimo does this awesomely, and with the extra addition of the faux fur trim you can retain that comfy edge.

Photo is copyright of © Parka London. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Model: P4532M SMEG9 – Save the Duck

Add a touch of fun to your wardrobe with this awesomely warm coat from Save the Duck. Featuring a clean a modernistic silhouette that will not only keep you wrapped up but will give you a truly urban look that will remain fashionable for the many years you have it.

With this model you have timelessness coupled with essential functionality, featuring superior breathability and water and wind resistance.

Photo is copyright of © Save The Duck S.p.A.. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Bay Street Parka – Wuxly Movement

Boasting a very similar style and material use as Canada Goose but without the apparent animal cruelty, Wuxly has made waves with its ultra warm parkas, classing itself as “The World’s Warmest Outwear Brand”. That’s a bold statement, and when you couple this with ethics and good style, it’s hard to ignore this brand as an example of ticking all the boxes.

The Bay Street Parka not only comes with a five year guarantee but is designed to withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius. Even our British weather can’t keep up with Wuxly’s superior snugness. Tailored fit, water resistant and full of Primaloft Gold standard insulation for warmth, breathability and water repellency! Beat that, Canada Goose.

Photo is copyright of © Wuxly Movement. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.


With just a little effort, you can find some great alternatives on the market that are just as, if not better, good a quality as the leading houses currently dominating the parka market. If your concern however is brand image, then of course the big players like your Canada Goose and Moncler will entice you with their bold claims, killer marketing and celebrity endorsements.

It’s up to you what you decide to wear out there for the world to see. If you want to see more ethical brands making waves then you should think about where to invest your money. Be the change and be a trend setter, not a trend follower.

*What do you think? Do these ethical-based brands have what it takes to compete in the big leagues? What should they focus on if they want to be taken seriously in the eyes of the quality/fashionable hungry general public? Feel free to post your thoughts below.

Chinos for Vegan Men
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Vegan Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 3 – Choosing Chinos

Chinos for Vegan Men

Following on from our last post, Vegan Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 2 – Jeans & Denim, we now move into yet another familiar territory: Chinos! Like the jean, chinos offer versatility but with the added bonus of being that little bit comfier and dare I say, a little less obvious. Like denim, chinos are also made from cotton, so for us vegan guys, or guys looking for a little more clarity in their clothing choices, you can rest assured this post will benefit you, animals and the people that make them.

The History of the Chino

Taking its routes, much like the denim, from a military heritage, chinos were once a staple in the colour khaki – a spectrum of earthen pastel-like browns and greens – apparently taking it’s name form the Hindi word for ‘dust’, of which helped was used to dye British troops’ white uniforms to appear more camouflaged out in the field.

The name ‘chino’ however, takes its name from the Spanish word for China, of which the cotton to make chinos in the 19th century takes its name. It was later popularised by the US army, and like the denim jean, the chino was continuously worn after service, where it found its way into civilian fashion and became an icon of Ivy League university attire. The chino now stands as a smart-casual must have, inspiring not just the ‘preppy’ look, but fitting nicely into a myriad of both casual and formal outfits.

Types of Chinos

Classically the chino is an easy garment to wear. Generally a straight cut with a mid-rise, much like the classic straight fit jean, and in its classic khaki colour, a chino really is a suitable option for most body types and styles. However you can totally find them in a multitude of colours and fits to suit your mood and style.

vegan chinos for men

Straight Fit Chino

Classic straight cut. Mid to high rise waist. Cream khaki colour. And there you have the basics for a truly integral wardrobe essential. Designed to compliment a multitude of outfits, this is a chino that will not let you down. Get the size right and the natural cut of this straight fit chino will ensure repeated and enjoyed wear for years.

Looking for a brand idea? Check out The Aato Chino from Armedangels. Made from organic cotton and a little elasthane for added comfort. You’ll be glad to have a pair like this when you need them.

Photo is copyright of Social Fashion Company GmbH. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

vegan chinos for men

Slim Fit Chino

If you’re looking for a slightly tapered silhouette or your frame is more on lean side, you may prefer a slim fit chino. Offering as much comfort as a straight fit, but with a tighter touch and a more narrow leg opening. Opt for a darker shade chino this time round for a more streamlined concept.

Looking for a brand idea? Check out the Knowledge Chino from Brothers We Stand. A fantastic option if you’re looking for, not only a garment built with sustainability and longevity in mind, but with the added extra of a vegan jacron on the back pocket.

Photo is copyright of Brothers We Stand. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Vegan chinos for men

Lightweight Fit Chino

Abandoning the use of elastane for that stretch comfort, a lightweight fit can offer you comfort regular chinos deliver but with the natural touch of 100% cotton. Designed to be lightweight for movement, this type of chino acts like a trouser with the bonus of being tough and ultra comfortable.

Looking for a brand idea? Check out The Lightweight Chino from Rozenbroek. High quality, GOTS certified and made to order. It doesn’t get more personal, more ethical and more stylish than this.

Photo is copyright of Rozenbroek. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

When to Wear Your Chinos

The great thing about chinos is their versatility. You can, to a degree, wear them for most occasions. They suit both casual and formal occasions and, depending on the fit and colour you opt for, offer a compliment to the rest of your outfit.

Smart Casual/ Formal: Ensuring you keep your footwear formal also, a dark straight fit chino will suffice for most formal and smart casual occasions. Lighter coloured chinos work well for a summer feel and look great when paired with a contrasting darker blazer.

Casual: Because of the way they’re tailored, you’ve got the added bonus of looking swish even when dressing casually with chinos. Going with any colour or style, as long as you enjoy the wear and the way they look, a chino won’t let you down with your less than formal events. Experiment with contrasting colours from your top half for a truly summery feel also.

Chino Fit Basics

Like the basics of wearing a T-shirt, chinos should fit you properly in both waist and length regardless of the fit you and cut you go with. Whilst you can follow the basic rules of an ankle break (a slight bunching of fabric above the shoe) chinos have the benefit of looking smart even with a slight ankle exposure. If you like, you can opt for low ankle footwear and no socks for a truly summery look. So don’t worry too much if the chino doesn’t quite reach all the way down the leg. A few inches above the ankle will look modern and stylish.


Try not to be too tempted by cheap chinos. It’s often the result of the fast-fashion industry and created using cheaper cotton and cheap labour that’s often exploitative and unethical. Always check the certifications and credentials of the brand your buying from to ensure they’re playing fairly.

If you can, try your chinos on before buying them, or ensure there’s an easy return policy when buying many options online. You want to make sure your chinos are durable yet comfortable, especially in moment.


I love a good pair of chinos. They’re that ideal middle ground between the casualty of denim and the formality of suit trousers. Versatility is also a key attribute of chinos and can style up and style down any outfit depending on your event. Remember to have fun with fit and colour and know whatever option you go for you’ve got comfort to look forward to.

What are your thoughts? What chino brands do you love and are there any vegan friendly brands you enjoy wearing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

ethical vegan chinos for men
How to buy ethical denim
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Vegan Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 2 – Jeans & Denim

Jeans & Denim for Vegan Men

Following on from our last article Vegan Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 1 – Choosing a T-shirt, we can now move on to yet another wardrobe must-have. Your denim. Jeans, like the T-shirt, are an absolute staple item. You need them, period! Whatever style you choose to go for, and however ethical you want to be, (don’t worry, we will cover denim ethics shortly) you must have denim on stand by.

Considering how denim will serve you as a vegan man is of course important, but knowing about versatility and personality of denim is also important before you throw your money at any style or any brand. The great thing about denim is it lasts for AGES, and not only that, it ages with you and develops its own individuality tailored to you. And for vegan men, part of our fashion cycle is not to have to buy too much when it isn’t necessary. Denim is a good in that regard.

The History of the Jean

ethical denim for men
Photo by Waldemar Brandt on

From bikers to cowboys to rebels and presidents, jeans have made their stamp on western fashion as a versatile classless garment that will likely never be beat. Pioneered by the Levi Strauss & Co in the mid eighteen hundreds, denim presented itself as a working-class garment that could handle the pressure of a labour-intensive work life. Following from the success of the Levi’s 501 line came the success of Lee, Wrangler and Lee Cooper, all covering areas of the west and delivering the robust versatility that the denim jean offered.

In terms of style, denim has seen only minor changes. However, the production process of denim jeans are further in the spotlight thanks to the likes of ethical standards and the access to information. We are now seeing the spotlight on factors such as excessive water usage, high CO2 production, labour exploitation and use of pesticides, all of which are notorious in both present and historical productions of denim. However, there are ethical clothing brands at work, and we’re going to check them out.

Types of Jeans

Denim comes in many types as you may already know. Not only that, but many brands have their own features that for some will be a selling point and for others a deal breaker, as denim is something that, when bought correctly, will be in your life for long time. Below is a selection of basic fits and styles you may want to consider when you buy your next pair of ethical jeans.

Straight Fit

A straight cut jean is by far the most versatile cut you need in your collection. This is best for you if you’re just starting out on your fashion journey. Straight fits offer both structure and freedom of movement whilst providing you with a classic silhouette. Couple your choice with a relaxed mid-rise waistline for something that will nicely define you.

Looking for a brand idea? Check out the Weaver/Purpose from HNST. Made In Italy with both cotton and recycled clothing, and with a myriad of exceptional certifications. This quality and ethics are matched to perfection.

Photo is copyright of Circular Textiles bvba. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Realxed Fit

Similar to your straight cut in style, the relaxed cut is, as it says, a laid back relaxed fit, which enables you to perform your daily errands or daily lounging without the stiffness of a straight cut. Perfect for an outfit on the far more casual side. Great also if your legs are on the muscled side. If a baggier silhouette is not to your taste, you may wish instead to opt for the straight or slim cut mentioned next.

Looking for a brand idea? Check out the WORKER / Organic Relaxed Straight Leg Jean in Light Wash from Monkee Genes. Made from 100% organic cotton and compliant with GOTS standards. Their jeans also produce 46% less CO2 than non organic brands, negate the use of harmful pesticides, use up to 80% less water in each pair of jeans and are part of the Fashion Revolution Movement.

Photo is copyright of Wilson Imports Ltd.. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Slim Fit

If a relaxed cut is far from the silhouette you’re after, then a slim leg may be your thing. Tapered, skinny or tailored as they are sometimes known as, the slim fit is great for, you guessed it, a slim leg. You can try and pull this off if your larger framed, though bare in mind the comfort or discomfort level. Slim fits are great for slim hips, thighs and calves and can come in skinnier variants depending on how skin-tight you want them.

Looking for a brand idea? Check out the Ambassdor Slim Fit from Outerknown. Available in many shades and made from organic cotton and a little spandex for stretch. Outerknown also produce their jeans in the world’s most cleanest and environmentally friendly facility in Vietnam. They also have a lifetime guarenttee and an up-scale system for jeans you no longer want to keep.

Photo is copyright of Outerknown. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

When to Wear Your Jeans

It’s pretty much common knowledge that, like the basics of wearing a T-shirt, you’re not going to wear your jeans to a job interview/wedding/funeral. Denim is for casual and on some occasions, smart casual, depending on what you’re wearing it with. To make things easy, use these basic tips:

Smart Casual/ Formal: A dark pair of jeans in a straight fit is acceptable. Make sure they have minimum detailing however, like fashion tears, acid washing and multiple whiskering, you know, those fold lines around the upper thigh areas of the jean.

Casual: A lighter shade jean in a more relaxed fit is perfectly acceptable here. And if it floats your boat you can even opt for the aesthetic extras such as the tears and whiskering, though don’t allow it to detract too much from your ensemble. You don’t want to make too much of a scene when you’re trying to be chilled and relaxed.

Jean Fit Basics

Like the basics of wearing a T-shirt, jeans should fit you properly, regardless of the jean fit, like relaxed, straight or slim. This means the waist measurement of the jean should be the size of your waist with just enough give that you can pull on and remove them without having to yank so hard. Don’t go so loose though that you get that bunching of the fabric should you wear a belt with them.

When it comes to length, know there are usually three types, short, regular and long. Most website and stores will offer a size guide though it’s recommended you try them on first. The leg should always reach the top of your ankle and have a slight break (a slight folding of fabric above the shoe) when you have your shoes on. If there’s too much break, you can fold the fabric up, but if you have to do this too much, it’s likely the leg is too long.

Vegan Fabrics

Photo by Mnz on

Whilst denim is not made from animals, per se, and whilst most denim houses like the more established commercial brands are also vegan in some way, there are a few points to consider should you want to ensure your choice remains as such. The biggest culprit is usually the ‘Jacron’, more commonly known as the leather patch on the back.

In order to keep it vegan, you should ensure the jacron is made from an alternative piece of fabric, such as reinforced paper, plastic or recycled non-animal based materials.

It’s also worth noting that the jeans you buy are from a denim house who source their fabrics and materials from sustainable and ethical sources. The big one to look out for is the GOTS Certification, which ensures the material, in this case cotton, has been grown to a sustainable, social and environmental standard and has a strict criteria. The standard does not set criteria for leather products, which makes things easier when buying jeans.

Ethical Examples

Printed Jacron

From Mud Jeans we have the Regular Dunn in Stone Blue, where as you can see from the photo, the Jacron is in fact printed directly onto the denim, negating the need for a secondary material.

If you don’t know Mud Jeans, you forever will now! With Mud Jeans the majority of their denim is manufactured using denim destined for landfill, and ensuring their production is as stringent on water usage and C02 production, becoming one of best carbon neutral denim manufacturers on the market.

Photo is copyright of MUD Jeans International B.V. . All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.


Try not to be too tempted by cheap denim. It’s often the result of the fast-fashion industry and created using cheaper cotton and cheap labour that’s often exploitative and unethical. Always check the certifications and credentials of the brand your buying from to ensure they’re playing fairly.

It’s also a good idea to assess the weight of your denim. Lighter denim is oftentimes cheaper and can tear easily, though a too-heavy denim can take a long and uncomfortable time to wear in before it stretches to your personal movements. When in doubt, go for a pair that fits well and feels tough yet accommodating.


Denim is a fantastic creation. It’s sublimely versatile and, when worn correctly, can compliment an outfit without much effort. Denim is also a very personal experience. Admittedly many of the brands mentioned above are available online, it’s always a good ideas to wear a pair before you commit. Denim can feel tough at first, but through love and wear, your jeans will eventually mould themselves to you. Denim is personal and when right, will serve you for years.

What are your thoughts? What denim brands do you love and are there any vegan friendly brands you enjoy wearing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Vegan Men's Fashion Basics t-shirt
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Vegan Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 1 – Choosing a T-shirt

T-shirts for Vegan Men

Vegan clothing is often notorious for its ‘unfashionable’ qualities, but when it comes to T-shirts, to be honest, there are very few things you can get wrong. I mean, it’s just a T-shirt, right? Well, this post is for any man out there who just wants a little more garment guidance. Including those who want to maintain their ethics whilst asserting their fashion know-how. Trust me, I’m a vegan guy, and until recently my knowledge of clothes was dictated by whatever I got for Christmas!

The great thing about Vegan clothing is that whatever basics you get your hands on you can be sure you’re making a positive difference to an industry that’s built itself on fast fashion. Even something as simple as a T-shirt can have a pretty hard effect on the planet, but thankfully there’s enough choice out there to be both kind and still look like a stud.

The History of the T-Shirt

How to choose a t-shirt and look like a stud

T-shirts were worn mainly as an undergarment several decades ago to separate the grime of the body from what would normally be a more expensive outer-garment, such as a military jacket worn by the US Navy, of which supplied T-shirts to its sailors. Sailors and other soldiers however would remove their uniforms if the temperature was too hot and opt to wear just their T-shirts alone, catapulting the norm of wearing such a thing by itself.

Because of the comfort and ease of wear, the T-shirt eventually made its way to the likes of labourers and farmers, especially as veterans would continue to wear them long after their service, therefor symbolising the T-shirt as a staple working class piece. Eventually, once cheap screen-printing become available, the T-Shirt become the canvas to both social and political bodily advertisements, as well as a vehicle for personal expression with the likes of graphics and slogans, once more propelling the T-shirt’s claim to fame.

Types of T-shirts

Anniversary T-Shirt from Bleed Clothing


A very common type of T-Shirt and a garment most men are familiar with. They make great pieces on their own though are superb options for layering with other pieces such as cardigans and jumpers. Since they can come in array of colours, they can be worn to either compliment a statement piece such as a patterned shirt or a v-neck cardigan, or as they are for a minimalist silhouette.

Looking for a brand idea? Check out the Anniversary T-Shirt from Bleed Clothing. Made from organic cotton and compliant with GOTS standards.

Photo is copyright of bleed clothing GmbH. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel V-Neck from Brothers We Stand


Unlike the Crew Neck T-Shirt, V-Necks offer a slightly more relaxed look with their generous exposure of the neck. Careful not to opt for a V-Neck that drops too deep (no deeper than the armpit), this style T-shirt is perfect for a more casual look, especially in the summer where your neck has more chance catching some sun. This look also works well if you want your neck to appear longer, so great for the shorter guy. If you’re holding a little more weight however, it might be best to avoid this collar as the V shape can draw the eye to your less-desirable features.

Looking for a brand idea? Check out the Knowledge Cotton Apparel V-Neck from Brothers We Stand. Made from Fair-trade 100% organic cotton and compliant with GOTS standards.

Photo is copyright of Brothers We Stand. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel Henley from Brothers We Stand

Y-Necks (Henley)

Incorporating both the elements of a Crew and a V-Neck, the Henley or the Y-Neck is great at accentuating your upper body by drawing the eye to your chest area, especially if you have the first couple of buttons open. The button feature also adds to the design’s ‘extra’ feel, so great if you’re simply wearing it with just a pair of jeans.

Looking for a brand idea? Check out the Knowledge Cotton Apparel Henley from Brothers We Stand. Made from Fair-trade 100% organic cotton and compliant with GOTS standards.

Photo is copyright of Brothers We Stand. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

When to Wear a T-shirt

A T-shirt will never be appropriate for a ‘function’ event. Just as you wouldn’t wear a T-shirt to a wedding or a funeral, it’s best to leave this handy garment in the wardrobe when attending anything formal or even casually formal. The best time to wear a T-shirt would be for anything purely casual or loosely organised, such as a trip to the gym, visiting friends for a drink or, as they were once intended, for anything a little more manual or labour-intensive. It’s also best to leave the T-shirt off if you know you’ll be meeting new people such as at a party or a networking event. And NEVER for a work interview!

T-shirt Fit Basics

A T-shirt should never be ill-fitting. As soon as you wear a T-shirt that’s either too baggy or too tight, it distorts your entire frame and can leave you looking either over or under weight. Try your tee on first if you can, if not, know what measurement you are in the chest, arms and torso height, as most websites will offer a size guide when purchasing.

Good rules to remember are to ensure there are no tension lines in the chest area fabric, the sleeves of the T-shirt end between your elbow and your armpit and the overall tee length ends halfway at your trouser fly. This way you can’t go wrong.

Vegan Fabrics

As T-shirts go, the champion fabric has, and will most likely always be, cotton! Cotton is versatile, soft, resilient and breathable, and when made well, it can stand the test of time. And best of all, cotton is natural. When it comes to vegan clothing, we can take it that step further by embarking on not just cotton but organic fair trade cotton that’s also GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

And with the invention and constant research into new fabrics, we’re now seeing the rise in the likes of hemp and bamboo clothing, of which are both highly sustainable and have a low carbon footprint in their production, whilst maintaining the same exceptional quality as regular cotton.

Types of T-shit Fabric

Gabe T-shirt ACF Clothing

Deadstock Fabric

From ACF Clothing, a brand that’s not only vegan and eco-friendly but aslo specialises in zero waste and sustainability, we have the crew-neck Gabe T-shirt, made entirely from leftover fabric from other designers where the fabric would normally end up on landfill. It requires far less energy and water to produce and this also means less pollution.

Photo is copyright of A.C.F CLOTHING LIMITED. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Positive Bamboo Essential T-shirt

Bamboo Blend Fabric

From Positive Outlook Clothing comes the Bamboo Cotton blend, incorporating both highly sustainable materials to create something that’s not only soft and breathable but also wicks off sweat. Bamboo is known to have a minimum impact on the environment and is also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. What brands can boast that kind of positiveness? Try the Positive Bamboo Essential T-shirt for superior wear.

Photo is copyright of Positive Outlook Clothing. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Colours, Patterns and Graphics

The T-shirt is a basic masterpiece, no doubt about it. There are rules to wearing one of course but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a simple easy thing to pull off (and on). When it comes to colours, patterns and graphics, it’s usually personal taste and occasion that dictate what you go for.


You can never go wrong with white. It’s the traditional colour and works with practically every type of combination. Whatever colour you go with however, try and go for the opposite in shade to your bottoms, such as white and grey T-shirts going well with darker jeans or chinos. Or darker tees going well with lighter shades in the jeans or chinos.


Whatever you do with a T-shirt in terms of colour or in this case pattern, be it striped, paisley or whatever design suits your mood, make sure you follow the colour rules above and keep to a simpler detailed bottom. The less patterns the better throughout your entire ensemble.

Graphics and Logos

Call my bias or old fashioned, but I personally am not a fan of either of these two things. If however you enjoy the social engagement that comes with a graphic T-shirt, be it a feature of your favourite super hero, band or subject, don’t allow it to transform you into a walking advertisement. The same should be said for logos. There’s nothing more pretentious than having a designer’s name taking up the real estate of your torso. In other words, don’t let the T-shirt wear you.

If you do choose to wear these types of T-shirts, reserve them for trips to the gym or supermarket or when you have friends over. The last thing you want to do is project yourself with a juvenile statement on you tee at somewhere like a dinner party. And yes, I’m looking at the judgemental vegans here when I say this.


A T-shirt is not a complicated garment, and likewise, it shouldn’t be complicated for vegan men either. But that doesn’t mean you should just pick up the first one you see and call it a day. Have respect for the efforts gone into its creation, the quality of the materiel, the cut and the fit and the combinations you wish to pair it with. In terms of brands making a positive difference to your ethical wardrobe, there are plenty of them with plenty of options. Check out Man of New’s Ethical Brand List for some easy shopping and inspiration. Trust me, you’ve got this!