What is your name?

Chris Sergi. I used to write under the pseudonym of Orion Nebbs before I realised how much I actually missed my real name. I felt a somewhat disconnection from my own identity and so I wanted to revert back to my real name of Chris Sergi. So howdy! 🙂

Why did you choose Orion Nebbs as your pen name?

I acquired my old pen name Orion Nebbs from a character I had to cut from my first novel Everscape. I though the name was pretty cool and fit well with my niche.

How often will you write a blog post?

I’ll aim for at least one blog post per week every Monday. I’ll apologise in advance should I not make any deadline, however, since I do have a full time job away from my blogging and writing.

How often will you release a novel?

Like my blog posts, it’s pretty tough to write an entire novel, especially with writing and blogging on the side of a full time job. However I plan on releasing two novels a year, one  during the winter holiday season for my main series Everscape, and a second novel during the summer holidays.

Will your books ever be available in audiobook format?

I hope so. Ill start with Everscape: The Follymoths of Embra first, then see how I go. I plan to have this novel available in audiobook form hopefully at the end of 2018.

What exactly is Ethical Evolution?

When I’m not talking about books, I like to turn my attention to something I call Ethical Evolution, a term I like to refer to often when I talk about humanity hitting its goals in a way that does not negatively affect anything, be that humanity itself, animals or the environment. For example, I believe one day meat can be created without the need to slaughter an animal. I love Science Fiction, and one day I hope to see a bright future ahead of us, not just in stories but in reality.

Can I suggest a blog post for you write about?

Of course. Please bare in mind I do have a list I work to, and I’ll try and slot your suggestion in as best as I can. You can contact me through this blog if you wish to make a suggestion.