Everscape: The Wings of Embra – A Novel by Christopher Sergi


Somewhere in the cosmos, Embra is calling.

When Ethan Finch finds himself running from the law, a stranger from another planet offers him a chance of redemption. Until now, Ethan had very little in his miserable life. Taking with him nothing but dreams, he journeys to Embra, a secret and ancient world of opportunity, technology, and mystery.

Thrust into an academy for planetary exploration, Ethan’s life is seemingly heading where he wants it to. He makes friends, studies aliens, joins an anti-gravity racing team, and battles in a virtual fighting arena.

But fun and games are fleeting when he faces impending exile, a government conspiracy, a killer robot, and a dying goddess. But worst of all, Ethan must unearth a deep-rooted regret that has forever haunted him. Can Ethan climb for his future before his time is up, or will fate force him back down to Earth?

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Paperback ISBN: 9781999986629
Kindle ISBN: 9781999986612

Let’s go to Embra!

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