Hello and welcome! Up for an adventure?

Christopher is the author of Adam and the Goat and Everscape: The Wings of Embra.

Having embraced his passion for storytelling from childhood, Christopher made the transition from hobbyist to author at the age of 25, with the sole intention of being as unique and adventurous with his writing as possible. It is Christopher’s ambition to one day live the adventures of his characters (If only!)

Never having a formal education in literature, Christopher took it upon himself to learn the craft through online courses, self-teaching books and of course, his favourite authors, such as Michelle Paver, Geroge RR Martin, JK Rowling, André Aciman, Madeline Miller, Ian McEwan, Ross Welford and Christopher Paolini.

How it all Started

As far back as eight years old, Christopher set the gears in motion for what would be his own personal adventure. Having been touched by the comfort of such fictitious worlds, it was only a matter of time until he would pen to paper. Read the full story here.

As an adult, Christopher studied business, marketing and sales whilst working the legendary grind of a full time job. Whenever a moment presented itself, he took the opportunity to learn the art of writing, where him and his past literary love affair rekindled what would become a life long journey of storytelling.

Though secretly a wannabe Londoner, Christopher now lives in the leafy suburbs of Surrey England, just a stone’s throw from the big city. It is Christopher’s prerogative as a lover of writing to one day hear his novels mentioned in a cafe across the other side of the world!

To the Future

Christopher also wishes to use his writing as an advocacy for LGBT and animal rights, themes that are appropriately present in his novels. “Should I ever start a movement for positive change, I know I can die happy.”

Also, as an author, Christopher knows of the trials and tribulations accustomed to all those starting on their literary quest, and as such has created his own FREE courses for those wishing to embark on their creative journeys.

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A YouTube Journey

It was just a matter of time. Having studied art and media at college, Christopher has finally taken 2020 by it’s tough times and started a YouTube channel!

Sharing what he knows about writing, editing and self-publishing, Christopher looks to use this platform as a one-stop destination for all things creative writing, tailored to those looking to share ideas and get writing today!

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