Buisness Photo. Age 25Are you looking for a totally different kind of fantasy novel? You are! Amazing, welcome to my world.

Hi, my name’s Christopher. I’m the author of Adam and the Goat and Everscape: The Wings of Embra. I’m a writer and blogger put here on this planet to offer my creative services. I write fantasy novels with a twist! Ever wanted to hop on a spaceship to a planet with gods and robots, or fancied a frantic adventure with a foul-mouthed talking animal? I certainly do, which is why I write about all the crazy things in my head! Welcome to my world.

I also love to share my writing knowledge with anyone interested. Ever wanted to write a novel but weren’t sure where to start? I can help you! I have a selection of comprehensive and FREE courses you can download here! These courses are easy to follow, fun and above all, they’ll help you write your first novel from start to finish! 


Oh, you still want to know more about me! Aww, I’m flattered. Okay, so I currently live in the leafy suburbs of Surrey England, (though secretly I’m a wannabe Londoner) and when taking a break from the writing and reading world, I love movies, art, walks in parks, nature & animals and “attempting” to improve my baking skills. I’m also a huge advocate for human and animal rights, and much of my passion for this is present in my writing. I also love a bit of photography! Check out my Instagram to follow my creative journey, and please say hi! Oh and I also have a bucket list! Check it out.

Also, if you have a question you want to ask me directly, don’t hesitate to use my contact page and I’ll respond to you as soon as! Also, I have an monthly Newsletter, where I recap on the month’s blog posts posts, divulge in upcoming book updates and even list awesome book themed giveaways! Sign up here to pop in your email. Can’t wait to have you on this journey with me.