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‘No author will tell you they’re perfect, but many will tell you they’re perfectionists. Here I compile all I know when it comes to perfecting my passion for creative writing, and what better way to document my findings by sharing my knowledge for those looking to do the same. Enjoy!’

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How to Create a Fictional Planet Readers Will Believe

How to Create a Fictional Planet Readers Will Believe

In my novel Everscape, I needed the planet of Embra to feel real, vibrant, and fresh enough that it could stand apart from Earth and still be a place you would want to escape to. Here are my top ten tips for creating a fictional planet that feels real for the reader.

Writing a Fictional Version of Your Own Life

So you want to tell your story? We’ve all got one inside us! But you want to tell it and you want to get it out there, perhaps make some money on the side? Awesome! Let’s discuss.

How to Write a Book on Other People’s Lives

Fiction or non fiction? Drama or comedy? People come from all walks of life. Experiences vary and your interpretation will determine the book you wish to portray. 

What to Avoid a Mary Sue in Your Novel

A Mary Sue is a perfect gal. She’s also a bit boring to say the least. Sorry, Mary! But let’s explore why this is and how we can avoid you, or better yet, make you a little more interesting.

How to Start a Bookstagram

How to Start a Bookstagram. Want to show off your photos? Have a love of books? Want to start a conversation? Start a Bokstagram now and meet like-minded individuals who all love books!

How to Write a Main Character’s Goal

How to write a main character’s goal. A super important element to any writer’s journey when creating a novel. Character goals add depth and likability to your protagonist.

I Want to be a Writer But I’m Stuck for Ideas

I want to write a book but I don’t know what to write about. Totally normal to any aspiring writer or novelist. This article has you covered! Let’s exercise and excavate that brain of yours!

Is Writing a Book Worth It?

Is writing a book worth the time, money and effort? Lets discuss the dedication required and the worthwhileness of writing a novel in a saturated and difficult to enter market.

How to Write a Novel as a Kid

How to write a novel as a kid. So you’re young, you’ve got ideas on becoming a writer. Awesome. Let me help you prepare for your bright creative future!

Writing a Novel with Minimum Time

How do I Find Time to Write a Novel? Writing every day can sound like a daunting task to many aspiring writers and novelists. But there are solutions and options!


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