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Writing a Dark Comedy Novel with my Brother

Collaborating a Dark Comedy Novel – How a novelist and Screen-Writer created a book about a talking Goat! I wrote a novel with my big brother. Here’s a short story of how it went.

The Symbolism of Oddworld

Whoever thought such a computer game would have had such a cultural impact on the world? Here I discuss the spectacular symbolism of the PS1’s Abe’s Oddysee.

How Animals Shaped my Life

I owe a great debt to animals. As a writer, I am always in search of what makes me ‘me’. Here is my testimonial to the animal kingdom for all it has done to inspire the work I have produced over the years.

The Pros and Cons of Fur and Faux

As an animal rights activist, I have always sided with materials that don’t originate from the animal, but what exactly are the main differences of real and fake fur, and what kind of impact do each of them have?

What Is Drag Hunting?

I’ve alwasy made it my point to condemn the act of Fox Hunting, however I’ve recently come across the new art of Drag Hunting. What is drag hunting, and should we support this sport?

Can and Should Vegans Drive?

I’ve been told driving a car is hypocritical to my vegan views. Is it possible for me to drive a car, considering their environmental impact, and still retain my ethics as a vegan?

Are You an Animal Activist?

Activism! It’s a strong inspiring word. You either love to hear it or you don’t. Either way you likely have a robust opinion on it. In this article, we look at the different types there are and how the corelate to animal activism specifically.

Should I Go Vegan?

I will always remember the day I became a vegetarian. It was almost as daunting as coming out, but that’s for a new blog post entirely! Becoming a vegan or vegetarian for some can be an almighty step, especially when you have family to convince. Again, I’ll cover veganism and family in another post. Today… Read More

Can Ethics and Luxury go Hand in Hand?

Are luxury products exclusively made to have an unethical edge to them? Can we still treat ourselves to high quality without jeopardising the integrity of society and the environment?

Can My Pets Go Vegan?

For those who choose to omit animal products from their life, do you feel it is right to pass this action to your pets? Here we discuss the pros and cons of doing so?