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imageWriter, Blogger, Author and Studier of Ethical Evolution.

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my special corner of the universe. My name’s Christopher Sergi, though I used to write under the pen name of Orion Nebbs (a little habit of mine). As you can see from above, I am keen writer; I enjoy it immensely. I started writing from such a young age it’s hard to recall how my love affair ignited.

I currently live in the leafy suburbs of Surrey England, (awfully quaint) and when taking a break from the writing and reading world, I love movies, video games, walks in parks and “attempting” to improve my baking skills.

As well as writing, I’m a keen animal and human rights activist. In my personal blog I like to talk not only about my journey as a writer but also what I get up to in my day to day life, be that going to fairs, rambling on about my favourite stuff, reviewing the latest movies I’ve seen, and even discussing the kind of events that inspire my work.

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