The Humble Magwoo

The Magwoo are an alien race from the Everscape novel

The humble Magwoo. Often considered by Earthlings who are new to the planet of Embra, as the Embran equivalent of man’s best friend.

Magwoo are a highly intelligent species native to many tropical and temporal Embran climates. Like a badger, they are mostly found underground, though tend to venture out in search of food and a bit of sun. Magwoo are herbivores, choosing to eat things like mushrooms and root vegetables, though they have been known to eat high-hanging fruits by forming family pyramids using their round, potato-like bodies.

Despite their physical appearance, Magwoo are tremendously fast. They can achieve speedy spurts by tucking in their limbs and eyeballs and rolling to their destinations, using vibrations to predict obstacles or predators. They’re great diggers, given by their wide clawed toes, which too make a great defense mechanism, using their wicked kicks that are strong enough to jump high enough and kick the heads of taller animals.

Having said this, Magwoo love humans, which can sometimes be unfortunate, since humans can be horrible! They like to grow attached, helping humans with mundane tasks like making sure the pot doesn’t overboil, weeding the flowerbeds (eating the weeds), and cleaning the toilet. Nevertheless, Magwoo know exactly when someone is taking advantage of them. They’ll only ever do such menial things, if they know they’ll get something in exchange, like a slap-up meal or a massive cuddle.

The biggest threat to Magwoo, except for mean exploitative humans, are forest-dwelling predators or the elusive and deadly Follymoth. Magwoo can defend themselves given the fact they are very family orientated, and they know their strengths are better when in groups. But alas, Magwoo can be foolishly curious, distracted by simple things like nice-smelling flowers, a fast-flowing river, or a pretty view upon a steep cliff edge.

But all in all, Magwoo are an adorable, cute, and more often than not, loved species on planet Embra. Their intelligence makes them unbeatable non-human companions, and they’re always fun to debate when it comes to their digestive system, considering their butts are right beside their brains or the fact they swell up to three times their size when pregnant. But if you ever get the chance, give a Magwoo a squeeze, as a hug from this creature is akin to an embrace from a fuzzy mug of hot chocolate or a furry warm sun. They might not get their teeny arms around you, but they’ll give a go because if you’re one for them, you’re the one forever.

Christopher’s Notes on the Magwoo

When I was writing Everscape, I did what all first-time writers did, and wanted a fantasy creature that would look good on a shelf as a toy. I know, it’s shameless, but we all do it. It also had to be cute and act as a comrade in Ethan’s adventure to becoming an Embran, and uncovering the truth behind the many mysteries surrounding the tragic events throughout the novel.

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