Canada Goose Alternatives - Ethical Parkas for Men
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Canada Goose & Moncler Alternatives

Gentleman, there’s no denying the explosion and popularity of the parka in the last decade. It seems this technical garment is now a fashionisto’s must have, and big brands like Canada Goose and Moncler have really taken the industry by storm by incorporating technicality and luxury into this high end designer garment.

Their philosophy: “You will not be cold” works on so many levels, but couple this with celebrity & influencer endorsements and a proud exposure to the movie industry and these brands are making huge headlines. But let’s say you want to be a Man of New and retain your ethics, whilst ensuring you stay just as warm as the fat cats promise whilst looking stylish. Here are some incredible alternative parkas that will ensure you’re toasty and comfortable, won’t incinerate your wallet and keep you looking swish.

Ethical Vegan Parkas

Ethical parkas for vegans

Parka – Buffalo Systems

Buffalo are not only made in the UK, Sheffield to be precise, they are also free from animal products. Being based in the UK ensures Buffalo are able to keep on top of their production should they make any improvements to their garments.

With the Parka, the coat incorporates a synthetic design which creates a micro climate around the body, wicking away body moisture, evaporating it from the skin all whilst keeping moisture from the outside away from the inside. Ingenious, practical and at a great price. You may not get your fashion fix from this brand but you’ll certainly get your warmth in.

Photo is copyright of © Buffalo Systems Limited. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Men’s Nordic Parka – Hemp Tailor

If your partial to a little faux fur then Hemp Tailor is the brand for you. Many of their designs incorporate a realistic faux fur trim on the hood for that extra warmth factor. Hemp Tailor also pioneer, you guessed it, hemp! A strong, positive material that enriches the ground in which it’s grown, whilst providing breathable and durable wear to your garment. They are also free from chemicals, toxins and pesticides which is great of you have sensitive skin.

With the Nordic Parka, the coat has undergone a Hemp cellulose waterproof coating to ensure moisture stays out. Another win for a non chemical consumer. This is certainly a brand to invest in if you’re looking for something fashionable, technical and practical.

Photo is copyright of © Hemp Tailor. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Vegan parkas for men

Eskimo Parka – Parka London

Another great option if you want the traditional fur look that goes the extra mile to mimic the real thing, especially with the iconic Eskimo silhouette. With Primaloft insulation – an American synthetic invention developed for the US army – you can be guaranteed a warm wear when donning this piece. This is great if you’re doing anything that might be wet. Where natural down can be heavy and unresistant to water, Primaloft is lightweight and retains body warmth very effectively.

The Eskimo Parka is a great option if you want that combination of fashion and practicality. A parka’s job is to keep you warm, and the Eskimo does this awesomely, and with the extra addition of the faux fur trim you can retain that comfy edge.

Photo is copyright of © Parka London. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Model: P4532M SMEG9 – Save the Duck

Add a touch of fun to your wardrobe with this awesomely warm coat from Save the Duck. Featuring a clean a modernistic silhouette that will not only keep you wrapped up but will give you a truly urban look that will remain fashionable for the many years you have it.

With this model you have timelessness coupled with essential functionality, featuring superior breathability and water and wind resistance.

Photo is copyright of © Save The Duck S.p.A.. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.

Bay Street Parka – Wuxly Movement

Boasting a very similar style and material use as Canada Goose but without the apparent animal cruelty, Wuxly has made waves with its ultra warm parkas, classing itself as “The World’s Warmest Outwear Brand”. That’s a bold statement, and when you couple this with ethics and good style, it’s hard to ignore this brand as an example of ticking all the boxes.

The Bay Street Parka not only comes with a five year guarantee but is designed to withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius. Even our British weather can’t keep up with Wuxly’s superior snugness. Tailored fit, water resistant and full of Primaloft Gold standard insulation for warmth, breathability and water repellency! Beat that, Canada Goose.

Photo is copyright of © Wuxly Movement. All rights reserved. Image is not owned by Man of New.


With just a little effort, you can find some great alternatives on the market that are just as, if not better, good a quality as the leading houses currently dominating the parka market. If your concern however is brand image, then of course the big players like your Canada Goose and Moncler will entice you with their bold claims, killer marketing and celebrity endorsements.

It’s up to you what you decide to wear out there for the world to see. If you want to see more ethical brands making waves then you should think about where to invest your money. Be the change and be a trend setter, not a trend follower.

*What do you think? Do these ethical-based brands have what it takes to compete in the big leagues? What should they focus on if they want to be taken seriously in the eyes of the quality/fashionable hungry general public? Feel free to post your thoughts below.

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