Vegan shampoos for men
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Best Ethical Shampoos for Men

ethical hair care for men

We hear you, good sir! You want to look after your hair. What self-respecting man these days doesn’t? It can sometimes be a bit of misconceived topic, hair care. And whilst you may be able to relay on the fact that, yes, hair does in fact produce it’s own regulating oils to stay healthy, there’s no doubt the amount of stress we put on it with styling products, constant style changes and the urban environments we live in.

Man Of New has curated a truly descent collection of ethical and vegan hair care products that will ensure your bonnet stands proud, and your hunger for quality will be sated. No longer will you head for the supermarket for big labels who, let’s face it, made a name for themselves through clever marketing, packaging and brand awareness.

With these choices you now have high quality, ethical and vegan options for your bathroom cabinet. Check out some of our favourites below.

Ethical Hair Care for All Skin Types

Black Spruce Hair Wash – Lavett and Chin – £40 (236ml)

Kicking off we have the Black Spruce Hair Wash from Lavett and Chin. An all-natural formula that’s gentle on the scalp and suitable for all skin types. With an advamced formula to promote silky strong hair growth, you’ll be glad to know this shampoo has been designed utilising completely clean processes. Completely vegan, ethical and free from synthetic fragrance and dyes.

Ethical Vegan shampoo for men

Daily Strengthening Shampoo – Brickell – £20 (237ml)

If volume is something you lack, then this is for you! Utilising the best in natural ingredients, Brickell daily strengthening shampoo delivers a powerhouse of assets to leave your mane flake-free, stimulated and strong. Brickell also pride themselves on their standout reviews from both customers and professionals. This, guys, is a brand to get involved with.

Invigorating Seaweed Shampoo – Neal’s Yard – £11.50 (200ml)

No list would be complete without Man of New’s favourite, Neal’s Yard. Use their invigorating Seaweed Shampoo to combat the likes of dry scalp and irritation, and best of all, it’s developed with a low-lather foam to avoid stripping too much natural oil from the hair. Rinse with cold water too if you can handle it to really bring through that promised shine.

Itch Away Shampoo – Green People – £13.50 (150ml)

Winner of the Best Male Grooming Product from the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2018, Green People have an impressive portfolio of effective products, all of which came with an array of vegan-friendly certifications. Itch Away shampoo is, you guessed it, perfect for those with itchy, dry and flaky scalps. SLS, silicone and gluten free, this shampoo is also antiseptic and antibacterial with its use of tea tree oil.

Equalising Shampoo – Aesop – £33 (500ml)

With efficacy and sensory pleasure in mind, Aesop are a real player in the high luxury ethical skincare category. Truly original in its creation, their products strive to be not only the best but the safest in their ultra minimalist yet effective approach. With their equalising shampoo, you’re issues with oiliness will be thing of the past, delivering full body and shine without any drastic astringency with their use of botanical ingredients. Is also a great option for those who live in heavy environments like cities.

Natural Botanical Shampoo – Reverie – $38 (250ml)

A relatively smaller player to the ethical market, Reverie comes in strong with its Natural Botanical Shampoo, made from an entirely biodegradable formula, designed to repair damage, increase strength and restore any lost vibrancy. Safe also for any of you guys that use colour and made without any nasty Sulphates, Silicones, Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance, Artifical Coloring, Glycols, Petrochemicals, Glutens or Animal Derivatives. BIG Win!

Nourishing Shampoo – True Botanicals – $34 (240ml)

Antioxidant packed and brimming with citrus notes. Nourishing shampoo, suitable for all hair types, is a non-stripping, using a coconut-derived surfactant for a rich lather. Easy to use with no sketchy synthetics, this shampoo from True Botanicals is delivered to you from a house that even beats the big competitors, boasting a Made Safe certification for all its products.

Guys, you’ve seen it here. These days, there’s no excuse to concern yourself with sketchy synthetic ingredients that are hard to pronounce at the best of times. Now you can lather up good and proper with these high performance botanical-based shampoos that’ll leave your bonnet shiny, strong and masculine.

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