Styling Basics for Vegan Men
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Styling Basics for Vegan Men

There’s a huge misconception about vegan people when it comes to fashion. Images of tie dye t-shirts, baggy secondhand jeans and beaded hair comes to mind, but let’s face it, times have changed and fashion has elevated and improved tenfold. Having said that, there’s a lot of information and conflicting advice on ethical fashion, and sometimes ethics can stand in the way of style. But I’m here to change that for you. And with a few basics, you’ll be rocking the coolest kindest wardrobe in no time.

Know Your Brands

Thankfully, Man of New has you covered with its ever-improving list of Best Men’s Ethical Fashion Brands currently on the market. With a good portfolio of options on hand you’ll have no need to resort to less-than-ethical fashion houses for both your fashion basics and luxuries. And never again will you be subjected to anything remotely resembling a stereotypical vegan.

Know Your Size for Good Fit

Just because you’re buying ethical does not mean you need to stray from convention when it comes to sizing. Simply knowing your measurements will help when selecting your pieces. Likewise, it’s very important getting the size of a garment right despite it’s shape or style.

For example, jeans come in many fits from relaxed to super skinny, and either should still be to your size in areas such as the waist and length. Don’t fool yourself by buying sizes that are either too large or too small to achieve a certain look. Instead aim for fits that are ‘relaxed’, ‘tailored’, ‘muscle’ or ‘regular’.

Have Fun With Colour

Again, you don’t have to resort to truly natural colours to adhere to a ‘vegan-look’. Then again, you neither have to shout out your individuality with anything too garish either. If anything, less is more when it comes to colour.

In fact, choosing neutrals such as black, white, grey, brown, navy, cream and khaki can really create that much-needed foundation for your wardrobe. When you have your basics, you can begin to inject pops of colour to elevate. Sticking to a maximum of three colours can also maintain a sense of modernity without going overboard and maintaining just enough personality, so feel free to experiment.

Experiment With Textures

The basics principles of style apply to both vegan and non-vegan men alike. Sure, by limiting the variety of options to you, such as leather, wool and of course fur, you in a sense have less to work with, or so you might think. There are in fact an abundance of vegan-friendly materials for you to choose from, such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, lyocell, modal, hemp, rayon.

Remember the seasons when choosing textures. Colder times of the year may demand more elaborate chunkier textures, whereas garments with little to no texture offer a more contemporary airy feel.


Creating a flattering illusion is important for men when it comes to body types. Depending on how you want to present yourself, you should think about the overall shape of your outfit. Think about how you want your clothes to hang from your body, what kind of movement you want them to take when you yourself are in motion, what areas of the body do you want to accentuate?

This is a good opportunity to analyse your own body shape. Are you larger in the hips but smaller in the shoulders? Consider accentuating your upper body with chunkier garments. Want to appear taller? Opt for shorter jackets with a higher waist button, and trousers with little to no break around your ankle.


This is a fun part. Accessories can finalise an outfit and add that touch of character to your appearance. Turn truly simple outfits into intentional ones with the addition of a wristwatch. Increase your personality and even height with a hat. Add structure to your face with different glasses styles if you wear them.

Remember to keep things colour coordinated to maintain that element of control in your presence. And try not to go too overboard. Like your colour pallet, try and stick to around three accessories per outfit until you get more acquainted with your overall personal style.

Bonus! Beware Big Brands

If there’s anything I’ve learnt working in the luxury sector, it’s people can be quite insecure about their place in society. Don’t take this opinion to heart. But from observed behaviours, it’s incontrovertible that big-name brands are at the forefront of some people’s social presence.

Here’s the thing. Nobody actually cares. Nobody cares that you have ‘this big brand‘ slapped across your pecs, or ‘that cool fad‘ stapled to your your shoulder. Just slow down and analyse why you wear these things. Big brands are successful because they know how to make just that: BRANDS. And sometimes the actual product can loose its essence, becoming nothing more than a billboard using you as free marketing.

Thankfully, with ethical brands such as those on the Man of New’s list of Best Men’s Ethical Fashion Brands, you have the luxury of knowing your product comes with a story. And sure, not many people will know who these smaller players are, but hey, you know you look good and simultaneously kept your integrity.

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