how to be a vegan man in 2020
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How to be a Vegan Man in 2020

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t want to be labelled as a dreaded snowflake! Ah, that freaking word. It’s awkward, presumptuous and frankly, kinda irritating. But I hear you, you want to make a change. You’re looking to be a different kind of man. A Man of New, even?

But guys, you shouldn’t be worrying about what other people think of you, at least not in a negative sense. In this blog post I’m going to give you some inspirational and informed ideas on how you can be make a change in your life. It doesn’t even have to be a big change. And it should never mean giving up what you love. But even if there’s just a little something in your head questioning your choices, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get started.

Identify Why You Want to be a Vegan

A lot of people don’t like this word. VEGAN. Let’s face it, it’s everywhere now. I hear it from people in coffee shops, in stores and even on the street. In fact I was driving home the other day and saw a vegan KFC advert at a bus stop. But the word, it can sometimes sound militant. And it can sometimes put people off. And it might even put YOU off too.

So why you do you want to be a vegan in this new world of 2020 and beyond? Well, everyone has their reasons. For me, I remember stumbling onto PETA’s website only to find my head in the toilet after watching their exposé videos on factory farming. I went from a steak-loving teen to a well-informed man of new.

Some other reasons include: Getting healthy, challenging your morals, expressing your love for animals, willing to learn new things, lowering your carbon footprint or even learning a new topic. Whatever it may be, know what it’s for, and take the next steps as you mean to go on.

Vegan men are just as talented!

Trust Me, You Won’t Become a Snowflake

Sorry Pierce Morgan, but having a conscience and control over one’s integrity does not make a snowflake. I’ve grown to tolerate this word, the kind of word anointed to anyone who – in the eyes of the labeler – is someone who sees themselves as unique and delicate. Well first of all, you are unique, just as Pierce Morgan is uniquely irritating, and secondly, you are delicate, in a sense. However strong you are – mentally or physically – you have emotions and you feel things. Just like Pierce Morgan’s delicate instability over Greggs’s vegan sausage roll.

There is this misconception about veganism and masculinity. That by eating meat and wearing leather is somehow synonymous with strength and hetero-normality. Listen, you can still be a tough guy if you are one or want to be. You can still be the man you’ve always been, but instead you’re going to use your newfound knowledge of food and lifestyle in ways that open your eyes, mind and conscience. So trust me, worry not.

Don’t be Smug About it

If there’s anything that puts people off more than a vegan, it’s a self-righteous smug vegan. You know, the one’s that question your food choices, the one’s who manage to slide the topic into any conversation regardless of what anyone was talking about. And yes, that one who, despite their best efforts, will always tell you they’re a vegan.

Here’s the secret. There’s nothing more fascinating than a vegan who’s discovered accidentally.

What I mean by this is, allow people to discover your lifestyle through their observations of your day to day actions. All you have to do is show up for work, dress awesome, smell good, remain and engage in topical conversation, eat good food, and most important of all! do it all with a smile on that handsome face of yours.

Believe me, my friend. If you live a healthy positive lifestyle, regardless of your moral choices, people will gravitate towards you. They may even envy you, sure. But they’ll be curious about you. And eventually, once they’ve fallen for that handsome good-natured guy you are, then the fact you’re vegan won’t be such a shock to them.

Vegan men are just as tough!

Don’t be Perfect, Just Do

There’s no need right now to go and bin all your leather jackets. Mind you if you do I have great blog post here about some swanky alternatives. But seriously, a lifestyle transition like this does not have to be instant. Likewise don’t go emptying your fridge of meat and dairy just to be left with the odd carrot and bag of spinach. Unless of course you really want to.

For me I actually made the vegetarian transition in a night. Baring in mind that was just meat I rid my fridge of. I kept that massive delicious block of cheese though. And that’s the thing, veganism is harder than vegetarianism. You’re essentially cutting out a lot of what makes up a western diet. So just take your time. Go easy. It’s your life, man. Don’t make it uncomfortable. As long as you’ve got your goals, don’t stress. Be happy, damn it!

It Won’t Affect Your Male Health

If you’re concerns lie in the health areas, you won’t be alone. Many men, and women, think about protein deficiencies, B12 deficiencies, fatigue, muscle-loss, virility and all manner of crappy things that could affect your masculine health. And whilst many of these things are realities (accept for protein-deficiency, that’s just bollocks, sorry) they really don’t deserve your time.

You are a man, and you come with many in-built functions to ensure your temple is maintained. As long as you eat your fruits and veggies, exercise regularly and supplement accordingly, you’ll keep your health on track and your mind in the game. You’ve got this.

Vegan men are just as Inspiring!

You Don’t Have to be a Hippie

That’s right, you don’t have to change so much you’re no longer you. You’re a modern man, okay. There’s no reason to have your car crushed, your electricity cut off and your garden turned into an allotment. Veganism, if anything, is about progress. It’s not about being perfect or extreme, or at least it shouldn’t be.

Human beings are intelligent and creative and it would be a shame to take steps backwards for the sake of morals, that being said, one should – if they want to pursue veganism – retain their morals and simultaneously take forward steps. You can still have your nice car, you can still eat good food, you can still look super classy, you can still get girls or boys, you can still be attractive. As long as your actions make yourself, others your the environment happy, then have your vegan cake and eat it. Hey, that’s what is here for.

You’ve GOT THIS!

Gentlemen, I want you to forget your insecurities for a moment. Imagine you could live the life you’ve always wanted whilst helping those you truly care about. Forget what people may think about you. Forget how your masculinity will be challenged. Now know that reality of living carefree is possible.

There’s nothing stopping you living a healthy, positive and valuable lifestyle that’s impacting, inspiring and sustainable. All you have to do is trust yourself, enjoy your journey and remember there’s more too it than self-sacrifice. Vegan burgers are still bangin’.


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Christopher Sergi is an author and animal rights activist with a passion for words and ethical lifestyle choices. Born in England, Christopher is a wannabe Londoner at heart, currently living the suburban lifestyle in the Surrey Hills, divulging in his love of writing, coffee, fitness and sustainable luxury. Christopher is taking 2020 by the horns! With plans to take to extraordinary places, with the added intention of launching the best vegan men’s fashion channel on YouTube this summer. For more information on Christopher’s written work, head on over to his author website at

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