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How to Make Your Office Space Green and Eco

A green workplace can be a breath of fresh air. Never underestimate the power of a clean and healthy works pace to enhance your productivity and clarity. With that said, here are five useful methods to earning that Eco seal of approval for that space we spend so much time in. Also, if you’re an employer, you can use these tips to enhance your business’s eco score whilst simultaneously improving your staff incentive and staff happiness.

1 – Desk Plants are GO!

Do you know how many toxins are in the air these days? Gosh, nether did I! Thankfully now I know. Clear the air with some natural purification, bring nature into the mix and refresh the soul.

Add a Spider Plant to your work space for sophistication and low maintenance, or opt for an Areca Palm if you have the room, and since they’re non-toxic to animals, they’re a great option if you share your space with any four legged colleagues.

2 – Bicycle Insentive

Emission reduction is good for everyone. Win-win, if you fancy. You get their peddles in, no more traffic excuses and if you’re a business, you can stand proud of your active achievement should you wish to make cycling an incentive for your staff.

Providing colleagues a rack to park their bikes will aid in a huge encouragement bonus. And by offering an incentive such as a free lunch for a thirty-day cycling commute will surely get the wheels turning.

Considering cycling just for yourself? Just think of the benefits: cheaper, better exercise and a clearer mind. If your business does not provide a rack, put in a word about the benefits and see how far you get.

3 – Fresh Fruit Delivered

Vending machines are SO last season. Quit separating the hungry from the munchies and bring the produce forward. There’s nothing like a pick of fresh fruit in the morning to get yourself hydrated and sated.

If you’re a business, this tasty green tactic means no colleague will turn their nose up again when given the option for a free healthy snack. Think of all those vitamins and minerals tackling that workload.

4 – Reusable Bottles All Round

Anyone who’s ever worked with a water cooler knows just how many cups end up hogging the waste bin. By investing in durable, stylish and reusable water bottles, you and your colleagues are not only doing your part, you’re keeping it cool…and hydrated.

Try a Chilly’s for some individuality and pop of colour. Better yet, if you’re a business, make a reusable bottle part of the welcome package for all new employees. Motivating and fun, and just think of the money saved from all those plastic cups! Conscience cleared.

5 – Yes, Go Paperless

Sounds odd considering our day and age. But paper waste can be a huge burden on one’s scruples. And it clogs up all the shelving space!

Make use of all technology on hand. If it can be seen on a screen, does it still need to be printed? Ensure a digital backup system has your back and have colleagues make a habit of following a standard business practice for their electronic file management. And just think of all those ink cartridges you won’t need. Your bank balance and mother nature will thank you for it.

Get Creative!

There are many directions you can take your work life and/or business in when going green. Think of rewards and incentives you can offer yourself and staff for certain progressive attitudes to turn a leaf. Invest in non-disposable or order recycled paper business cards for example.

Getting yourself and colleagues to go green might take some time, but with some initiative, creativity and engaging involvement, you’ll do more than save the world, you’ll love going to work again.

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