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Top Ethical Fragrances for Men to Start Your New Year

So guys, 2020 has just rocked up. It’s a nice nought year – nice and streamlined – and as such, it’s the best time to reinvent yourself. A new wardrobe I hear you say? Totally! But a new fragrance? Of course! Check out this selection of Ethical fragrances to start you off on your new year journey. Remember, a scent is invisible fashion. Without one, your day is just not complete.

Jake’s House – Henry Rose

Cruelty free, paraben free, carcinogen free, formaldehyde free 100% recyclable bottles and packaging…and the list continues.

From founder and actor, Michelle Pfeiffer, Henry Rose is by far one of the most transparent perfume houses on the market. And with a shareable selection of unisex scents, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

Try Jake’s House for a clean spritz to your new year. With invigorating neroli and soft musks to liven your presence.


Pure Essence Eau de Parfum No.1 Frankincense – Neal’s Yard Remedies

Hailing from the carbon-free royalty that is Neal’s Yard Remedies, No.1 Frankincense is perfect for any gentleman with a nose for depth.

100% natural and crafted with essential oils, this fragrance evokes a soft aromatic depth with notes of warm patchouli, characterful lavender and uplifting citrus and pepper for that new year kick.

A must have for your ethical scented wardrobe or collection from a company that is fully certified with the top ethical accreditations.


Wild Tobacco – Illuminum London

Viewing fragrance as art, with minimum mystery and the pursuit of revelation, Illuminum London places you as the star and not the scent itself.

Using exquisite artistry and creativity for their collections, Illuminum have strict policies in place for the best sustainability sourcing, as well as using recyclable materials

Wild Tobacco opens itself botanically, moving into a distinguished dryness with cedar wood and tobacco, enveloping the end with deep labdanum and tonka bean for added gourmand addictivity.


Evolution- Kings

Made from essential oils and free from palm oil and paraben-free, Kings is the all-male British grooming house on a mission to continue delivering the best with social and environmental goals in mind.

With an integral stance on men’s mental health, Kings also run their own social enterprise known as Talk Club, an aid for men who struggle with mental health and may find it hard to adhere to the challenges of modern masculinity.

Made in the UK, and PETA approved, Evolution encompasses natural esential oils of patchouli, vetiver and ylang ylang for a truly botanical masculine identity. An absolute must-have!


Citron Fig – Clean Beauty Collective

Vegan, cruelty-free and eco-conscious, Clean Beauty Collective strive for scents free from anything unnecessary. Whilst able to use most ingredients in the industry, Clean opt for a simplistic approach, choosing to ‘Say No’ when able.

From Soy-based inks in their packaging, biodegradable corn-based cellophane to responsibly harvested ingredients with a mutual-ethos from suppliers, Clan boasts a huge portfolio of exciting ideas and scents with ethicality at it’s heart.

Try Clean Reserve Citron Fig for a day scent that will keep you energised, truly sophisticated and free from non-necessaries; featuring a sparky opening of ginger, an aromatic clean heart of cardamon and a soft woody base. Clean is a house to support all the way.


* A Little side note when it comes to fragrance. Never be put off by a brand you may not have heard of before. Some of the best fragrance houses out there are specialists and therefor are not in every major retailer, so get exploring and see what options are available to you.

*All prices are accurate at time of publication.

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