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Best Vegan Work Shoes for Men

So, you’re at work and you can feel the soles on your shoes giving. They’re wearing out on you, you’ve probably not had them that long and you even find yourself walking awkwardly just to ensure the rubber base doesn’t catch the carpet, fold under you, reveal your bring pink socks and send you flying into your boss’s desk. Your shoes! They’ve had it, man. It’s time for a new pair.

Gentlemen! Are you sick and tired of buying non-leather shoes just to realise they’re usually trash? Big brands churn out cheap leather alternatives all the time, and they’re giving non-leather a bad name. Non-breathable, squeaky, and often shoddily made, BUT your shoes don’t have to be this way. Below are my top picks for your sole investment.

The Loafer – Vegetarian Shoes

Made with traditional methods in England. A stylish and comfortable option, The Loafer option from Vegetarian Shoes is breathable, water-resistant, and comes with leather-like features such as over-time shape moulding to foot movement and texture creasing. £129.95

The Leo – Matt & Nat

Clean and elegant, this Chelsea-style boot is versatile, tactile and boasts its position as part of one of the most stylish vegan accessories brands on the market. Designed in Montreal, Matt & Nat are pioneers of modernity and forward-thinking fashion. £115

The Benjamin – Novacas

Ethically manufactured in Portugal, this Derby-style shoe is sleek, full of potential for both smart and casual wear and is especially breathable thanks to its microfiber lining and outer body. A classic must-have! €160

Onno – Nemanti

If a monk strap style is more your thing, then the Onno from Nemanti kicks it with its made it Italy certification. Featuring double buckle and Goodyear construction, the Onno is light weight and built to last. True luxury craftsmanship. €115

The Tan Longwing – Brave Gentleman

After something with more warmth? Skin-less luxury doesn’t get better than this. Expertly crafted in Brazil, and from the house that is Brave Gentleman from designer Joshua Katcher, aka The Discerning Brute, this classic brogue adds that much needed character to your wardrobe. EU ecolable certified and made using future-leather, a high quality microfiber. $295

Thanks to all the hard working designers around the world, skin-less footwear is abundant and in good nick. With a small investment you can guarantee a long lasting pair of stylish shoes for the work environment that will blend in if not stand out from the rest.

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.

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Christopher Sergi is an author and animal rights activist with a passion for words and ethical lifestyle choices. Born in England, Christopher is a wannabe Londoner at heart, currently living the suburban lifestyle in the Surrey Hills, divulging in his love of writing, coffee, fitness and sustainable luxury. Christopher is taking 2020 by the horns! With plans to take to extraordinary places, with the added intention of launching the best vegan men’s fashion channel on YouTube this summer. For more information on Christopher’s written work, head on over to his author website at

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