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If I’m not good at writing, would it be hard for me to write my own book?

Oh writing a novel! You are a tricky thing to create, especially when you doubt yourself. But there are ways to help, and you’re more capable than you think.

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Hi! My name is Christopher Sergi. I’m a novelist and a blogger going through the same journey you are: being a writer! Feel free to comment your thoughts below on the topics that come up in this post, for not only do I want you to be a better writer, but I do too! We can learn and have fun together. Want to know more about me? Click here to read my bio, or follow me on Instagram to join me on my adventures. 😉

Easy Burritos (5)

Okay! Prepare for some truths.

I am a writer myself. I love to write, and I even loved writing when I knew I was crap at it. I for one knew I’d be a writer when I was roughly around eight or nine. I was a geeky kid. I liked reading and weirdly enough I played computer games, not for their exciting graphics or game play, but for their use of story. Basically I surrounded myself in stories.

So why am I telling you this? It all comes down to how much you immerse yourself in the literary and storytelling world. How often do you read other’s works? How often do you practice writing? Even if what you write are just short stories or little fan fictions you share with your friends and family?

Basically what I’m asking you is: “Do you enjoy writing? And do you enjoy reading?”

If you answer yes to both of these, then awesome! In order to write anything, you have to enjoy doing it, even if there’s that little pest in your ear telling you you suck. Which, by the way, I’m sure you don’t. We are all, after all, our own worst critics.

So my advice to you, based on my own experience, is to pick up a novel you’ve had your eye on for some time. Make sure it’s a book you can sustain and it’s in a genre you enjoy. Finish the book, the read more books after that. Never stop reading and digesting other writer’s ideas and pros.

And finally, get writing NOW! It doesn’t matter if you think you’re not good enough. Get a blank piece of paper and start writing as soon as you can. And by the way, YES, it will be hard to write your first book. And whoever disagrees with me is a liar. Writing a book is not meant to be easy. The challenge makes it fun. The journey makes it exciting!

I will say this last thing however, most writers who think they suck are actually lacking the specific basic know-how when it comes to writing something as complex as a novel. The idea of going from A to B is like travelling somewhere you’ve been before without a map. You’re likely going to get lost.

If it helps, I have a section on my blog dedicated specifically on how to get started with your first novel. You can check it out here! I look into elements such as Creating IdeasCreating your Hero and VillainCharacter Arcs and Scene Structure. I really hope these help you on your journey to writing that novel! Good luck!


I really hope this has helped in your journey as a writer. Writing a book is tough and is not accomplished quickly! If you’re interested in hearing about my own journey as a writer and literary student, sign up to my newsletter! I’d love to have you along for the journey!

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