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What are the minimum steps needed to publish an e-book on Amazon?

How can I quickly publish a novel on one of the most popular self-publishing platforms currently out there? And what are the minimum steps to achieving this?

This was a question from Quora that I answered. If you’d like to follow me on Quora, head over here to keep up to date with my literary journey.

Hi! My name is Christopher Sergi. I’m a novelist and a blogger going through the same journey you are: being a writer! Feel free to comment your thoughts below on the topics that come up in this tutorial, for not only do I want you to be a better writer, but I do too! We can learn and have fun together. Want to know more about me? Click here to read my bio, or follow me on Instagram to join me on my adventures. 😉

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This is a good question that has multiple journeys depending on what type of writer you are and what sort of book you want to publish. Having said that there are a few key points to consider and a few minimum steps to think about when jumping in! Publishing on Amazon can be very exciting for an author. Finally you’re in control of your own publishing gig!

  • Firstly have the book/product finished and edited by a professional if possible
  • Ensure you have a flawless cover design that represents your work
  • Purchase an ISBN number. This is an identification number that you will later allocate to your book when you publish it on Amazon. You can buy an ISBN from Nielsen UK ISBN Store if you are based in the UK.
  • Create an author’s account on KPD (Kindle Direct Publishing)
  • Follow the steps involved here. This can take some time and you will require specific bank information.
  • When your KDP account is ready, you can begin to upload your first project.
  • Note that Amazon may offer you a free ISBN, but bare in mind that if you opt for this, Amazon will have rights over your work, so if you wish to retain full rights you should use the ISBN you personally purchased.

These are key areas to consider when self publishing. Note it can take a long time to set up and some parts may feel confusing, but soon self publishing will become easy and Amazon does a great job at taking you trough each of the steps. KDP is in fact a great resource for anyone who is unsure about the full details.

Remember to have fun, and also remember that you are essentially (not only an author) but also a publisher, and like any publisher, you have to think of your efforts like any business would.

Good luck!


I really hope this has helped in your journey as a writer. I know there is a lot of misinformation out there, and like any business, self-publishing must be viewed as such. If you’re interested in hearing about my own journey as a writer and literary student, sign up to my newsletter! I’d love to have you along for the journey!

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