Author Update – September 2018

Yo! Howdy everyone. Hope you’ve all been well. I’m gonna have to say a huge SORRY for not being as active as I’ve wanted to be during these last few months. It’s been a total rollercoaster and I’ve just had to split my time up as though it were on a chopping block: A little here and a little there.

Recently in my life a few major things have happened. Firstly I received a promotion at work! Yippie! Starving artist over here, still gotta do a full time job. Not only is it further from my home but the workload itself is busier, harder and way more responsible, and as such, results in me being ever so knackered.

And since I’m such a cheapskate, I refuse to pay to park my car I’m already paying too much for, which means I have to park a mile and a half outside of town and power walk into my place of work, which is okay, since I save money and I get my 10,000 steps in each day. I could use the train, but South Western Railway and me are not the best of friends, especially since I let go of my sanity one morning after two train cancellations, only to scream at the top of my lungs whilst on a packed platform at how my life was ruined. (Not a proud moment.)

So work and travel aside, in the next few weeks I am to be studying very soon alongside a full time job. I’m opening my arms and mind to the expensive world of part time university education, and delving into a Business and Marketing Degree with the Open University, which means my weekends will inevitably be reserved for said studies. (Exciting, as long as I don’t fall asleep at the wheel.)

Website Banner 1In all this madness I had also noticed my waistline steadily crawling out to say hi. So whilst my beautiful friends are enjoying their gym memberships and 30 inch waist lifestyles, I realised I had to do something to ensure I didn’t let my health deteriorate. So before a ridiculous journey into work and the undertaking of part time education, I’ve made it my soul ambition to jog EVERY morning for at least half an hour. (Alarm clock set to full volume and placed on the other side of the bedroom!)

Only recently have I discovered the subtle art of self discipline and its benefits. To top it all off, I am also undergoing the exciting yet demanding task of reading at least one book per week, in order to be in the league with those who manage over fifty books per year. But having said that, from only doing it for about seven weeks, I have noticed such a change in my life-perspective, my reading speed, my ability to retain information and my general knowledge. I plan to have a Beauty and the Beast library one day, providing the books aren’t just decoration.

So, aside from a full time retail job where I stand for a living and present a permanent smile, three miles of power walking per day, a high intensity interval sprint at the crack of dawn, a book a week regardless of length, maintaining my Duolingo German streak (follow me) and the truth that I’ll have my head glued to my study notes pretty soon, I’d forgotten my raison d’être.

When on earth am I going to have time to write anything? Good question. And a horrible answer. I don’t really know. But having said that, with the art of self discipline, and my recent discovery of the incredible YouTube channel ALUX, I realised just how much time I was waisting on trivial stupid pointless things, like television!

But I also realised there were parts of my life that didn’t necessarily bring any value to my ambitions. Did I really need over eight hours of sleep per night? Maybe, but so far after about six weeks of only seven hours per night, I’ve discovered just how much time I really have spare. (Did you know, by shaving off one hour of sleep per night for one year, you gain 15 days extra – half a month! – 360 hours! 360 hours of goal-dedication!) Am I tired? Hell yes! Can I cope? Yeah, just about. Will I get used to it? Well, I hope so.

The point is, I’m confident I can still do all these things and keep to writing and delivering you guys awesome content. If you check out my home page, you may notice Adam and the Goat (my latest book) is out this year. It’s been a tough couple of years and a few release date push backs, but I’m confident I can get this awesome novel to you in time for Christmas….and still keep you all in the loop.

Remember to follow me on all the major Social Medias and subscribe to my Newsletter for constant updates: Goodreads Facebook Instagram Twitter!!! And If you’re feeling generous, please feel free to share my content on your own social platforms. By helping me out, I may one day be able to commit to writing more often and give you more awesome content. As a writer I still don’t think I can put into words how much nonsense and inspiration is rattling around in my head. It needs time to come out and I need your help to do it! 😉

Hope you’ve all been well. Love Chris. xx


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