Everscape – My Debut Novel

Everscape Post

It’s finally here. At last, after many years of struggling, after many headaches, many tantrums and many edits, rewrites, mood swings and bitten nails, Everscape: The Follymoths of Embra, my debut novel to the self-published world has at last arrived!

It should be a known fact to us writers by now, that self-publishing is arduous, breathtaking and overwhelming, especially when we find out there’s marketing involved too. And then we realise we have blogs on top of that. But I always have to remind myself of why I become a writer, and this novel is evidential of such a hobby, soon to be turned career.

blog post
Everscape – The Follymoths of Embra book cover. Available in both Print and E-Book, available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

I genuinely feel as though authoring and blogging go hand in hand. We as writers want to tell stories, we want to forward our ideas and our field understandings, and sometimes, they manifest in different ways, some of which can only be told through other worlds.

When I set out to write Everscape, I at first had one mission: to FOREVER ESCAPE into a dreamworld. Does this sound cliché? You bet. But it worked for me. I never had what you’d call a hard childhood, quite the contrary, I was healthy, well fed (a little too much!) and I had good friends. But I was just SO bored!

My main source of escapism were the usual for a chubby, camp, awkward English boy living in Wales: books, movies, computer games and art. I was suddenly subjected to a cacophony of worlds beyond my own, worlds that made sense to me, worlds far away from PE lessons in the rain.

Seriously, I was the only one in my English classes who cared about the author’s suspected intentions of making the curtains red to invoke a sense of danger in a scene.

So I created; I escaped. Each afternoon I’d go to my attic bedroom and draw up wacky worlds in my mind, where buildings rose into the clouds, cars zipped above our heads, animals spoke with anthropomorphic intelligence, gods graced us with their corporeal presence, people perfected technologies and humans ascended to a greater point in their evolution: An Ethical Evolution! 

Voila! My life mission had come to fruition…in my head at least. But what would become my greatest achievement (at that time) would also be my downfall. Yes I created a world, but I never knew how to create a story, or plot, or characterisation, story structure, tension building, etc. I had a lot to learn, and in turn, I could argue that Everscape had taken me ten years to write. I had become the master of procrastination. And if I knew then ten years ago, that it would take me a decade to create something I could hold in my hands, I probably never would have bothered.

Me, Orion, getting the proof copy from Amazon’s CreateSpace in the post after a boring day of work!

But I’m SO happy I didn’t. Because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing, or more so touching your own physical copy of the thing you have laboured over for so long. Books are – in some sort of beautiful way – the absolute culmination of your ideas, carefully threaded and woven into a cohesive and beautiful package, understood by many and there to love and hold when you desire to visit that world you meticulously painted out.

I recommend anyone who writes to write a book. The satisfaction of the journey is like no other, especially when you see the sales come in! Of course that’s a perk: getting paid for something you enjoy, not something you have to do but something you want to do, and something you believe in.

A big THANK YOU to Amazon for making this dream possible for me, and all the college teachers and the bloggers and the friends I made in this fab little world of ours for helping me become the artist I am today.

If you want to learn a little more about Eversape, follow this link here, or check out the product description on the Amazon page, either for the UK store or the US Store. May we be forever escaping!


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