🖍 Writing Tips

Are you in need of some writing inspiration? Unsure of how to start your new writing career? Want to hone your creative writing craft? Or looking for some industry know how on the world of publishing? Here is the definitive list of all blog posts and articles I have written to help you determine which direction you want to go in.

My name is Christopher Sergi. I’m a novelist and a blogger going through the same journey you are: being a writer! Feel free to comment your thoughts below on the topics that come up in this tutorial, for not only do I want you to be a better writer, but I do too! We can learn and have fun together. Want to know more about me? Click to hear to read my bio, or follow me on Instagram to join me on my adventures. 😉

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Novel Writing 101

Want to get into the nitty gritty of writing a novel quickly? Here is my 7 part Novel Writing 101 to help you step by step with your new writing adventure!

Novel Writing 101 – 1. The Idea Creation
Novel Writing 101 – 2. A Great Protagonist
Novel Writing 101 – 3. Character Sympathy
Novel Writing 101 – 4. The Villain!
Novel Writing 101 – 5. Character Arc
Novel Writing 101 – 6. The Three Act Structure
Novel Writing 101 – 7. Scene Structure

General Advice

Do you need a kick to get you motivated? Here’s my collection of short articles to help you realise your potential in the creative and rewarding world of being a novelist.

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How to write a novel as a kid

How to write a novel if you have no time

I Want to Write a Book, Where do I Start?

Want to be an Author? 10 Reasons Why You Should

Why Authors Need Editors

Should you have a Pen Name?

What You Should Know Before Becoming a Writer

How I find Time to Write


Want your characters to stand out in your novels? Here’s my collection of short articles to help you carve a character to remember, one with depth, emotion, personality and drive.

How to write a main character’s goal