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Read the latest and most updated edition of the exciting novel Everscape: The Wings of Embra. Available in both paperback and ebook at Amazon, and with a brand new cover!


Christopher is a British writer from Surrey, England. He is the author of Everscape: The Wings of Embra, a science-fiction fantasy, and Adam & the Goat, an urban-fantasy action-comedy. Christopher has worked on many short stories and plans to release his newest novel, The Chocolate Prince, a dramedy set in the exciting city of London, next year. Christopher currently works full-time as a Fine Art Dealer.

Christopher’s many inspirations are from authors such as Michelle Paver, André Aciman, Joanne Harris, and Phillip Pullman.

How to Create a Fictional Planet Readers Will Believe

How to Create a Fictional Planet Readers Will Believe

In my novel Everscape, I needed the planet of Embra to feel real, vibrant, and fresh enough that it could stand apart from Earth and still be a place you would want to escape to. Here are my top ten tips for creating a fictional planet that feels real for the reader.

Writing a Fictional Version of Your Own Life

So you want to tell your story? We’ve all got one inside us! But you want to tell it and you want to get it out there, perhaps make some money on the side? Awesome! Let’s discuss.