Welcome! Let’s have an adventure.

For over twenty years, I have always wanted to be a writer. It’s that rush you get with the blank page. It’s that churn in the tummy when you’re close to a creative breakthrough. When a character in your mind is yelling, ‘Tell my story! Help me grow and send me off to faraway places to meet my destiny!’ That is why I write. I do so to transport myself through the surrogacy of fiction.

Aside from my foray into business and sales, I am a fully self-taught writer. Online courses, books, and my favourite authors were the heroes of my literary quest. Authors such as Margaret Atwood, Philip Pullman, Michelle Paver, George RR Martin, JK Rowling, André Aciman, Madeline Miller, Ian McEwan, Ross Welford, and Christopher Paolini. Such superb, inspiring talents!

Follow me on Twitter or sign up to my newsletter. Other than novels, I enjoy blogging on all things that make me curious. Topics I like to focus on are my advocacy for LGBT and animal rights, a healthy vegan lifestyle, film & book reviews, tips on writing, and anything I just can’t keep to myself. Please contact me should you wish to collaborate. I’m always looking to contribute.

How to Start a Bookstagram

How to Start a Bookstagram. Want to show off your photos? Have a love of books? Want to start a conversation? Start a Bokstagram now and meet like-minded individuals who all love books!

How I find Time to Write

Writing a novel is SO time intensive! Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar or a super human. So here is a list of a few ideas you can implement to jump start your progress.