Let’s go on a jouney…

Hey! I’m Christopher, or Chris if you like. I am a British writer from leafy Surrey here in the UK. I am the author of Everscape: The Wings of Embra, a science-fiction fantasy adventure for young adults, and Adam & the Goat, an urban-fantasy action-comedy, perhaps a little more for the adults. Both novels are available at Amazon. Check them out!

I have many projects currently in the works, including my newest novel, The Chocolate Prince, a dramedy set in the exciting city of London. I am currently seeking literary representation for this novel. If you are an agent or have connections, I would love to hear from you!

As for my favourite authors, I adore the works of Michelle Paver, Joanne Harris, Phillip Pullman, Madeline Miller, Jennifer Saint, Derek Farrell, Christopher Paolini, Andrew Sean Greer, and of course the big ones: Rowling, King, Gaiman, Martin, and Tolkien. You’re all so talented!